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The Surprising Power of Chores


It is a common sense that children who do chores may exhibit higher self-esteem, better social fitness, be more eagerly to help, be more responsible, and be better equipped to deal with frustration, adversity, and delayed gratification. These qualities and skills can lead to greater success in school, work, and relationships.

Here is a story of a little "boss".

Meet Lily, a three-year-old angel whose love and support for her father will undoubtedly warm your heart. In this touching story, we delve into Lily's unique life and the beautiful actions that define her relationship with her dedicated father. This viral video shows the life of the daddy's little helper in the factory.

Living in the Factory

Lily, born in Jiangxi province, China, entered a challenging life at the early age of five months old due to her family's business struggles. Her parents, burdened by financial difficulties, had to work long hours in a clothing factory. Lily's grandparents, facing health issues, were unable to care for her. The factory allows caring for Lily in the workplace, therefore this is what her parents chose. Despite the hardships, Lily's spirit and resilience shone through.

Here are many benefits from involving your child in age appropriate chores including:

Learning to Balance Work and Play from a Young Age

The video captures Lily amidst a sea of sewing materials, her father tirelessly at work in the foreground. What's remarkable is Lily's innate understanding not to disturb her dedicated father, even when her tiny eyelids grow heavy. Her father playfully teases her, calling her a pendant that he must carry with him 24/7. Lily, after a day of play, finds solace in a makeshift bed behind her father, lulled to sleep by the comforting sounds of the sewing machines.

In this poignant scene, Lily's father toils away in the factory, with his daughter peacefully asleep on layers of clothing material. It's a touching visual representation of the reciprocal relationship between a father nurturing his child's future and a child embodying the hope and joy of her father's future.

During breaks, Lily and her father share moments of rest on her foam pad, a tender interlude in their unconventional but deeply bonded life.

Daddy's Little Helper - Accepting Responsibility in the Family

In the humble factory filled with the rhythmic hum of sewing machines, a heartwarming story unfolds. Lily, the vivacious three-year-old, is the undeniable star of this tale—a toddler daughter whose love for her father transcends the challenges of their daily life.

At just three years old, Lily exhibited a remarkable level of care and responsibility. She actively assisted her father in the factory, showing concern when supplies ran low and encouraging him with heartfelt words. Lily seamlessly performed tasks, from turning clothes to massaging her father's tired shoulders, demonstrating a level of maturity beyond her years.

A Time-honored Chinese Saying "Chores Develop Leadership Skills in Children." (穷人的孩子早当家)

"Daddy, I love you," Lily gently gives her father a kiss.

He is an inspiring father, choosing to work in the clothing factory where he can bring his child to work. During his long workdays, lasting fourteen to fifteen hours, Lily faithfully accompanies him. Each day as he works, Lily sits quietly beside him, emanating a quiet cuteness reminiscent of a kitten. From a very young age, Lily understood that she played a role in assisting her father and alleviating his burdens. By the time she turned two, Lily demonstrated impressive skills, helping her daddy turn clothes inside out and neatly folding them. She adeptly piles them layer by layer on her lap, earning admiration from those who predict a bright future for her. Her father often cites the Chinese saying "Chores develop leadership skills in children" (穷人的孩子早当家). He hopes that Lily receives a good education that will pave the way for a successful life.

From Beloved "Employee" to "Boss" of the Factory

Playfully dubbed the youngest "employee" in the factory, Lily's journey began at just five months old, and now, at three, she's a seasoned "boss." The factory, once merely a workplace, has transformed into Lily's second home.

Lily, the factory's smartest and most adorable "boss," has become a source of joy for everyone around. Her father, in his 30s, manages both work and the care of his beloved daughter. Lily, from birth, has been a delight—providing laughter, adapting easily, and charming all with her playful and easygoing nature. The factory workers treat Lily as their own, with the factory owner considering her not just an adorable daughter but a beloved "boss".

Setting a Good Foundation for Functioning Independently

Being a Daddy's Inspirer

People at the factory find joy in playing with Lily, rewarding her efforts with candies, ice creams, and praise. Lily, with an infectious smile, eagerly tackles work assignments, from bringing sewing materials to threads. In her own endearing way, she works diligently for her "wages"—a currency of candies, popsicles, and heartfelt compliments. Praise for her cuteness serves as a powerful motivator, making Lily a willing and cheerful participant in the daily activities of the factory.

Lily's story is a testament to the resilience of familial love and the ability of a child to bring joy even in the most challenging circumstances. Her infectious spirit, paired with the unwavering dedication of her father, paints a touching picture of a unique and loving bond that transcends the confines of a factory floor. In Lily's world, work is not just a responsibility but a shared endeavor filled with smiles, love, and the sweet taste of earned "wages."

Showing Care and Filial Love

Lily's love for her father extended beyond words. In the heat of summer, she used a handmade bamboo fan to cool him down. Observing his needs, she would fetch water before he asked. Lily's actions were a testament to her deep care and compassion for her hardworking father.

Celebrating "Father-Daughter Day"

Lily's father, despite challenges, chose a path that allowed him to be with his daughter every day. Lily, in turn, brought happiness to her father, creating unique celebrations like a "Father-Daughter Day" on Women's Day (the two days sounds the same in Chinese). Lily's innocent confusion between Women's Day and Father-Daughter Day added a charming touch to their bond.

Repaying Daddy's Love in Next Life

During a candid moment, Daddy asked Lily a poignant question: "In your next life, would you still want to be my daughter?" Lily responded with a direct "No," but what followed was truly heart-melting: "I will be your mother in my next life to love you as you loved me!" What a caring and compassionate toddler girl!

Loving Bond with "BMW"

Upon spotting a BMW vehicle, Lily enthusiastically pointed at the car and declared, "I will buy this car when I grow up." Daddy assumed she recognized it as a luxurious and expensive car, but Lily had her unique reason. She pointed to each letter on the BMW and said, "This is Daddy. This is Mom. This is me." (Note: In Chinese pinyin, B is the initial letter for father, M for mother, W for me). Even netizens couldn't resist suggesting that BMW should pay this little girl advertising fees. While adults may focus on the price of a commodity, Lily reminds us that children care about its meaning!

Filial Love Transforming Daddy's Life

A co-worker's viral video brought Lily into the spotlight, raising questions about her family situation. Lily's father explained the absence of her mother, highlighting the family's difficulties. Netizens admired Lily's father for his commitment to providing Lily with a better future, showcasing that he might not be a perfect husband but is undoubtedly a devoted father.

The Surprising Power of Chores

Lily's story is a testament to the surprising power of chores. It unlocks the potential how chores benefit children and adults. It shows the profound impact of a child's actions on the lives of those around them. Join our community to explore more heartwarming stories and discover ways to express love and joy in your own family. Subscribe now and become part of a community of loving children making their parents proud through heartfelt actions.


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