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Meet Our Founder

Grandma Leo's Story

Fueled by her value and a passion for raising filial children and helping others, Grandma Leo first founded the Good Childing Behavior Learning Center in 2020 when she was 96 years old. It is run by a team of her filial children and filial children-in-law. 


Grandma Leo was born in China and lives in the USA. She has two filial children: a son and a daughter. She has been living with her son and his family, and later her daughter and her family for decades since her husband passed away. She is happy and healthy. 

She likes sitting in a public park under sunshine as her daily routine. She sees Americans walking dogs, picking up after dogs, giving attention and emotion to dogs, spending time, energy and money for dogs everyday. Hardly she sees Americans walking together with elders in the park. 

She knows Asian people walking together with their parents and take care of them in daily life. Why these American people pay much attention to dogs more than their parents? She confused. She is told that many American people love dogs love cats more than love their parents, and American aging parents are cared for by paid caregivers provided by insurance companies, not by their adult children.

She feels sad about this perversion. Leaving parents alone but having time and money taking care of dogs! Are dogs higher priority than parents?

Confucius says in Xiao Jing (The Classic of Filial Piety):

"Whoever does not love parents but loves neighbors is against human nature;

whoever disrespects parents but respects neighbors is against human relationship order." 





She receives the peace of mind and peace of joy from her children, children-in-law and grandchildren while her aging. She can rely on them for anything. It is a blessing and grace from heaven. People who ever met her admire her healthy and happy life. She attributes it to her filial children. People often ask her what she did to have raised such filial children. 


To answer this question, she instructed her children to start the It teaches parents on how to raise filial children and teaches adult children on how to fill parents with peace of mind and peace of joy. It brings family lifelong security. 

How's Grandma Leo today? What does she do every day? How does she take care of herself? How do her filial children help her? What are her 20 secrets for a healthy long life?

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