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Forest Fire

20 Healthy Longevity Secrets
From Grandma Leo at Age 99 Birthday

A 3-generation Chinese family having dinner together. Grandma and daughter-in-law wearing aprons, parents, siblings, in-laws and a grandchild.

Secret #1 Filial Children Are Her Lifelong Insurance

A three-generation family photo. Husband and wife, their daughter, husband’s parents and wife's parents.

Secret #2

Three-generation Household

A filial daughter is cleaning her mother's ears.

Secret #3

Proud of Her Children's Filial Behaviors

Secret #4

A Minimalist Life

Secret #5

Living a Virtuous Life

Secret #6

Manage Her Own Money

A Chinese old lady is cutting dried orange peels and dried grapefruit peels as herbal recipe. She cuts the peels with a scissor. When peeling an orange, leave the pith on the peel and put the peels under sunshine for days to dry.

Secret #7

Chinese Herbal Medicine

An elderly is sitting on a stone in a public park. She is soaking up the sun.

Secret #8


Secret #9

Mind Her Own Business

Secret #10

Peace of Mind

Secret #11

Eat Wisely

Secret #12

Accept The Effect When Things Go Wrong

Secret #13

Go with the Flow

Secret #14

No Exercise

Secret #15

Hobby of Hand Sewing

Secret #16

Spiritual Purpose

Secret #17

No Medical Exam

Secret #18

Living with the Seasons

Secret #19

Herbal Snacks

Secret #20

Preparing for a Good Death

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