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Chinese Movie: Filial Daughter “Caijin”

Updated: Mar 25

Filial Daughter “Caijin” Movie Review

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This is a must-watch movie based on a true story in China. It borrows its name from the real-life heroine called Peng Caijin, a girl who would inspire the world with her filial devotion and become an Olympic torch bearer. The movie is ripe with emotional moments, serene music, and the scenic beauty of the Meizhou, Guangdong in China, where the movie was shot. The plot is nothing groundbreaking but it doesn’t have to be, the movie’s charm comes from its well-portrayed characters, who become our tether to the narrative, making it all the more impactful.

Caijin centers itself on its heroine’s filial behavior, who continuously sacrifices her needs over her parents. Her parents didn’t ask nor expect her to share their burdens and are constantly in awe of their daughter. She cooks and cleans, always running to and fro from school just so she could lend an extra hand to her parents who are both tragically bound by paralysis. Not expecting them to applaud or ask for their appreciation, no, she’s far too quick on her feet for that. Her parents and the audience become mere onlookers as Caijin pushes the limits of what it means to be an ideal daughter. I recommend keeping a box of tissues along because the scenes tug on your heartstrings and are sure to move you to tears.

The acting deserves particular praise, especially that of Feng Yingying, who plays the role of Caijin. She carries the movie with her solemn but powerful charm and is wonderfully complemented by a brilliant support cast who each perform their roles to perfection.

In the end, Caijin is a movie with goodness and bright appeal. There is something poignant about an adolescent girl supporting the weight of the world on her weak shoulders supported by pure love and appreciation to parents. The heart-warming drama is not without its twists and turns but it remains forever focused on the strong parent-child bond and immovable filial love.

Confucius says: "When filial love and fraternal love arrive, one connects with the divine. This leads to illumination of the whole world, with no place not opening up." (孝悌之至,通于神明,光于四海,无所不通) (See Chinese ancient book "The Classic of Filial Piety" Chapter 16: Law of Attraction) So the filial piety and the personal practice of virtue (xiao and ti, filial love and fraternal love) cause the gods to bestow their blessings. It’s what gives the movie its heart and it has plenty of it. Ultimately, it leaves you in awe of a child’s ability to love.

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