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Secret #11

Eat Wisely

Eat without Distractions

Say Grace before Meals

Eating Light and Less: Don’t eat to feel totally full — just 80% full. 吃饭只要八分饱.

Stop Eating before she is full. Eat to 80% Full.

Having her lunch: an egg, red carrots, broccoli, Chinese cabbage. Healthy food, plant-based diet, whole foods.

Grandma Leo is sensitive to her body.

She is vegetarian.

She knows what food fits her stomach.

She prefers foods that her body finds easy to digest and obtains nutrition from.

She doesn't eat any fruits as their coldness in nature.

She doesn't use any spices in her cooking.

A plant-based diet: She likes vegetables, some legumes, eggs, certain kinds of sweet food. These are also typically low in fats and spices.

Secret #11
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