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Rule # 7

16 Good Learning Habits

Knowledge Without Action Is Vanity
Family Rules #7:1

If we acquire knowledge but do not sincerely apply what we have learned, we will have only increased our conceit. What then will we become?

There is a saying that goes, "Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is true power." It emphasizes the importance of not only acquiring knowledge but also using it effectively in practical situations. Sincerely applying what one has learned can lead to greater success and a deeper understanding of the subject matter. So, it's essential to not only focus on learning but also on applying that knowledge to real-life situations.

"Actions speak louder than words" is a common saying that means that what a person does is more important than what they say. It's not enough to just talk about doing something; you actually have to take action and follow through with it. This phrase emphasizes the importance of being proactive and taking responsibility for one's actions rather than just making promises. Ultimately, one's actions will speak for themselves and have a greater impact than any words could.

Knowledge Is Power But Knowledge Without Action Is Useless

Action Without Knowledge Is Insanity
Family Rules #7:2

If we are sincere in what we are doing but not acquiring knowledge, we will only be stubbornly following our viewpoints. We will never see the truth.

Wholehearted Learning
Family Rules #7:3

When studying, our mind, eyes, and mouth must be focused on our learning. All three must be wholeheartedly dedicated to learning.

Brain on, hands on.

Systematic Learning
Family Rules #7:4

When reading a book, do not contemplate another. If we have not completed one, do not start another.

Create a Personal Learning Plan
Family Rules #7:5

In our studies, we should set a reasonable timetable and then study hard. With enough time and effort, we will thoroughly understand the text.

Having a learning plan can help you conceptualize, work toward, and achieve a goal, whether it’s a textbook, a new skill, expertise in a subject matter, or the ability to complete an unfamiliar task.


A personal learning plan—also called a personal learning syllabus—is a self-directed planning tool to help an individual achieve specific learning objectives.

It communicates what you need to do to gain the skills you want to develop, when each action needs to occur, and how to measure success.

Hold Yourself Accountable

After you’ve successfully created a personal learning plan, your work has only just begun. It’s crucial that you hold yourself accountable and follow through on the learning activities you’ve outlined.

It can be difficult balancing a career, personal responsibilities, and education. Learning new skills can be time consuming, but you have to put in the necessary time to meet your professional goals. Try to set aside time each week dedicated solely to your learning.

Stay aware of the deadlines you assigned to each goal so you can put in the work and monitor your progress to gauge whether you’re on track to meet your overall objective.

Ask Questions & Get Help
Family Rules #7:6

If we have a question, we should make a note of it. Then ask the person who knows the answer.

Asking questions works because it makes you an active learner instead of a passive recipient of information. When you interact with information by elaborating on it, thinking critically about its context, or relating some pieces of information to others you increase the likelihood that you will remember it.

Create an Organized, Productive Study Space
Family Rules #7:7

We should keep our room clean, our desk tidy, and our pens and pencils in their proper places.

Keep Your Room Clean, Desk Tidy and Organized

How to Create an Organized, Productive Study Space

  1. Use your study spot exclusively for studying

  2. Study with natural lighting if you can, but also pay attention to the brightness and color temperature of any artificial light

  3. Adjust the temperature of your study space if you can

  4. Make sure you have quick, easy access to any important materials before you start studying

  5. Deliberately reduce access to anything that might distract you

  6. Get ahead of anything that could potentially derail you

  7. Try changing up your study location after finishing a big task, or after a certain amount of time passes


Pay Attention to Your Attitude
Family Rules #7:8

If we do not properly care for our writing tools, it shows carelessness. If our words are written sloppily, it shows disrespect.

Handwriting Says About You

Put Books You Use Away
Family Rules #7:9

Books should be organized and placed on the bookshelves in their proper places. After reading a book, we should put it back where it belongs.

Put the Book Back on the Shelf
Family Rules #7:10

Even when in a hurry, we should carefully put our book away.

Book Repair and Restoration
Family Rules #7:11

If it is damaged, we should repair it.

Avoid False Teachings
Family Rules #7:12

Do not read books that are untruthful or immoral, for these will block our wisdom and undermine our aspirations.

What is an immoral book?

Immoral literature includes pornography and books which incite to violence or other reactions against the accepted social morality. Ideologically deviant literature may be classed as immoral by government policy.

Kind and Virtuous People Are Rare
Family Rules #7:13

We are all human beings, but we are not the same. Most of us are ordinary; only a few of us are kind and virtuous.

How Rare Are Virtuous Women?

Guys, what to seek in a wife? A man who desires a virtuous wife, one who fears God, should also deserve such a valuable woman. Then she will be attracted to his qualities, as he is to hers.

Virtuous People Speak the Truth
Family Rules #7:14

A truly virtuous person is held in awe by others. He is not afraid to speak the truth, and he does not fawn on others.

Be Close with Kind and Virtuous People
Family Rules #7:15

If we associate with and learn from people of great virtue, we will benefit greatly. Day by day our own virtues will grow and our faults will lessen.

Stay Away from People without Virtue
Family Rules #7:16

If we do not associate with and learn from these people, we will suffer a great loss. We will attract people without virtue, and nothing we do will succeed.

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