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Early Rise & Reasonable Bedtime
Family Rules #3:1

Get up early and go to bed at a reasonable time. Knowing how time flies, we should treasure every day.

Personal Hygiene
Family Rules #3:2

When we get up, we should wash our face and brush our teeth.

Family Rules #3:3

After using the toilet, we should always wash our hands.

Dress Properly
Family Rules #3:4

Our hat should be properly put on, clothing correctly buttoned, and socks and shoes neatly worn.

Organize and Put Away Clothes
Family Rules #3:5

We should put our clothes away in their proper places. We should not leave them lying around for they will get dirty that way.

Dress Well on a Budget
Family Rules #3:6

It is more important that our clothes be neat and clean than fashionable and expensive. We should wear what is suitable and appropriate for our age, and within our family’s means.

Eat Healthily
Family Rules #3:7

When eating and drinking, do not be fussy. Eat only the right amount; do not overeat.

No Alcohol
Family Rules #3:8

When we are young, we should not drink alcohol. The behavior of those who are drunk is unsightly.

Walk and Stand with Good Posture
Family Rules #3:9

Walk in an unhurried manner and always stand up straight.

Etiquette of Meeting and Greeting
Family Rules #3:10

Whether greeting friends or elders, do so properly and with respect.

Posture and Etiquette when Standing and Sitting
Family Rules #3:11

Do not step on doorsills or stand leaning on one leg. When sitting, do not sprawl or fidget.

Open the Door Gently
Family Rules #3:12

When entering a room, we should open the door quietly.

Be Aware of Surroundings When Walking
Family Rules #3:13

When walking, we should be aware of our surroundings so as not to bump into anything.

Respect and take care of things
Family Rules #3:14

Hold empty containers just as carefully as if they were full.

Do the Right Things Even If No One Is Watching
Family Rules #3:15

Enter empty rooms as if they were occupied.

Haste Makes Waste
Family Rules #3:16

Avoid doing things in a hurry, since acting in haste will lead to many mistakes.

Overcome Avoidance, Procrastination and Careless Mistakes
Family Rules #3:17

Do not be afraid of a task that is difficult or become careless when a job is easy.

Procrastination is the act of putting off something until a later time. We procrastinate when we know what to do, but put off doing it until later. This can lead to feelings of anxiety and guilt. It can also leave us feeling unproductive, lazy, and ineffectual.

In others words, it can affect the way we feel about ourselves. Everyone procrastinates sometimes, but all of us have areas in our lives in which we don’t procrastinate. We tend to shine in those areas. So, don’t let procrastination affect your feelings of self-worth.

Keep Away from Rowdy Places
Family Rules #3:18

Keep away from rowdy places.

Curiosity Killed the Cat
Family Rules #3:19

Do not be curious about things that are bad or unusual.

Don’t be curious of matters that don’t concern you; never speak of them, and don’t ask about them.

Etiquette of Entering a House: Ask Permission
Family Rules #3:20

When we are about to enter a house, we should ask if anyone is inside.

Whenever I'm about to enter a house, I always make sure to ask if anyone is inside. It's just common courtesy to let people know you're coming in, and it avoids any awkward or uncomfortable situations. Plus, it's always good to be cautious and make sure you're not walking into a potentially dangerous or unexpected situation. So yeah, asking if anyone is home is definitely a habit I've developed and always stick to.

Etiquette of Entering a House: Announce Yourself
Family Rules #3:21

As we enter, we should make ourselves heard.

"Hello, is anyone home?" I call out as I enter the house, making sure to announce my presence. It's always good to be polite and let people know you're there, especially if you're entering someone else's space. Plus, it's a safety precaution to make sure you're not walking into any unexpected situations.

How to Be Such an Amazing House Guest You Get Invited Back Every Time

Replying to "Who Is It"
Family Rules #3:22

If someone asks who it is, we should say our name, not “me” because this is not clear.



When knocking on the door you may be asked: 'Who is it?' Identify yourself, using your most common name but do not respond with: ‘It's me’, or ‘somebody’, or ’Guess who?’ 'These words are useless in identifying who is at the door. The Prophet  discouraged one from saying: ‘It’s me’ because it does not reveal your name. Al-Bukhari reported that Jabir ibn Abdullah said: ‘I came to the Prophet  and knocked on his door and he asked: ‘Who is it?’ I answered: ‘It is me’ and the Prophet  disapprovingly said: ‘It is me, it is me.’ For this reason, the companions used to mention their names whenever they were asked: ‘Who is it?’

Get Permission to Use Things of Others
Family Rules #3:23

Before using something that belongs to another, we should ask for permission. If we do not ask, it is stealing.

Ask before you borrow things #behavior #3.23

Ask to use things that are not yours, and if you are denied permission to use the object, respect the owner’s wish, regardless the owner is someone else or a family member. Do not assume that because the object belongs to a family member, it is okay to use it without permission.

Taking without Permission

The 8th Commandment

There are many ways this command can be violated, and how we can build a defense against dishonest tendencies.

The 8th commandment demands that we not take what does not belong to us rightly. The way to avoid the temptation is by practicing good stewardship and establishing right priorities for the management and distribution of our wealth. We also avoid the temptation to steal if:

  • We learn to be satisfied with what we have

  • Do not envy, complain, blame others for our lack.

  • Ask God - He will provide!

  • Give thanks for what we have.

  • Prosperity begins with a thankful heart.

  • Learn to be faithful with little things.

  • You can cheat and steal to have big things but this will not teach you faithfulness.

God will bless you with wealth when He thinks you can handle it. In the end all wealth is to help us demonstrate our faith.

The Rules of Borrowing
Family Rules #3:24

After we borrow from others, we should return the items on time. Later, if we have an urgent need, we will be able to easily borrow from them again.

It's important to always return borrowed items on time. Not only is it respectful to the person who lent you the item, but it also shows responsibility and reliability. If you're not sure when the item is due, don't hesitate to ask the lender for clarification. And if for some reason you can't return the item on time, communicate with the lender to find a solution that works for both parties. Remember, being a trustworthy borrower can go a long way in building strong relationships.

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