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Speak Carefully
Family Rules #2:3

When siblings are careful with their words, feelings of anger naturally dissolve.

To think carefully about what you are saying. Words can make or break a person. They can change lives, they can start a war, or be the catalyst of peace. We must choose our words carefully when speaking to our parents, our siblings, and even with the random people that we meet outside.

What you say and how you say it can play an important role in how people perceive your actions. If you know that you have to talk about something that is a touchy subject, try writing out what you say and imagining what their responses might be. You can even act out how the conversation might go in private so as to better prepare yourself in the event something is said that might bother you.

Telling siblings or other family members about the child's wrongdoing may cause embarrassment and low self-esteem, and make the child feel that his or her parents cannot be trusted.

Make pleasant conversation #2.3

Our angry words can grate on other people’s nerves and vice versa. It might take practice and several attempts, but start now to consciously speak nicely to those who live with you. In the process, be friendly because a warm smile is one of the best icebreakers you can possibly offer. Being friendly is much more impressive than starting a conversation about yourself or showing off a quick wit. Opening with a few kind words can be much safer than trying to make the other person laugh because humour is so subjective.

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