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Address Elders Respectfully
Family Rules #2:6

When addressing elders, do not call them by their first name.

Is "hello and hi" an acceptable way to greet elders in your country?

Greeting elders with "hello and hi" is far from acceptable in my country. I come from a very traditional and religious country that regards morals in high esteem. This not to say that saying hello or high is immoral as done elsewhere. You can only greet your friends and perhaps younger ones that way. 

We greet with "Good morning or evening" depending on the time of the day and most times you accompany the salutation with Sir/Ma. Some certain parts of the country have the culture of even bowing to elders while greeting. It is a little strange when I hear people from other countries say hello to their elders although it is common acceptable practice for them as ours is here. 

I don't think its a courteous language to use when approaching elders. Especially "hi" seems more of a slang unlike "hello". " Good evening, good morning, good afternoon" are the right kind of greetings we ought to use towards the elderly. The good thing with the curriculum in my country, it tackles all through from kindergarten upto a certain level so that the child grows knowing greeting etiquette. #GreetingEtiquette

Courtesy will never cost us anything, let's uphold respect for the elders.

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